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IMAX 508SR Projector and Control Console

Complete product design, styling and film path configuration of the new 508SR (Small Rotor) LF 70mm movie projector and ergonomics and layout of operators console for same. The product was a new high volume, low cost projector to extend the "IMAX Experience" into new markets worldwide. Design executed with ProENGINEER CAD Software; part tooling produced by CNC machining direct from the part data generated 

IMAX 508SR Projector
Image courtesy of IMAX Corporation
IMAX 508SR Projector housing / covers design and film path configuration 

Elevations of computer generated solid model assembly of 508 Projector

Projector operating console with demountable touch screen located in molded 'nest'

Wireframe view showing "rolling loop" rotor and projector chassis
Exploded view of touch screen components and 'nest' with articulated arm