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IMAX Floodlight for Space Use

Design, specification and construction of Photoflood Light for Stereoscopic 3D filming in space meeting stringent NASA technical specifications, for use on board the Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS). Technical lighting crew credit given for the IMAX S3D movie "Space Station", 2002.

International Space Station IMAX Floodlight

Astronauts illuminated by IMAX Photoflood Light aboard the ISS

IMAX Floodlight in Space
IMAX Floodlight for use in space

Photoflood Light in use

Photoflood Light System with duel voltage ballast


Cut away illustration showing Photoflood Light construction


ISS Mission 97 ISS Mision 102 Space Shuttle Destiny Mission
                          Sample badges of missions on which the Photo Floodlights were flown