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Client: CHRISTIE DIGITAL, Visual Environments SBU, Kitchener, Canada

Created new business and the opportunity for $millions in revenue by leading the invention of 'MotoBlend'; a patented, innovative, custom graduated ND filter, motorized filter mount system for black blending of high resolution, multi digital projector installations. The 'MotoBlend' system enabled quality DLP Projection images to be used for night training on multi channel simulators for the first time.   "Flight Safety" published that 'MotoBlend achieved an optical blend of "superior" quality to that of electronic blending for visible and infrared light.  Some 1,600 'MotoBlend' units installed to date.

              Two typical MotoBlend filter installations                                 Before and after screen images; MotoBlend used in a 4 DLP projector installation 

MotoBlend mounted to projector

MotoBlend Actuator

Selection of graduated ND filters

MotoBlend Closeup

 MotoBlend enhanced multi projector blended image

MotoBlend Diagrams